Infrared Thermography

What is infrared thermography?  Put into its simplest terms, it is photography that captures the infrared or heat signature of the objects in the photograph.

Why is this important?  In the electrical field, thermography is used as both a diagnostic tool, as well as  basis for year-to-year comparison of an electrical installation.

Have you ever smelled something “hot” that would come and go?  Typically this is a telltale sign of an electrical connection going bad somewhere near where you noticed the odor.  With thermography, many time you can locate and repair this connection before it fails. Or before it causes a fire.  If you have an older electrical panel, doing infrared thermography on a regular basis can detect loose connections, bussing failures and other serviceable problems long before they would be identifiable by the typical visual inspections that have been common in the past.

These annual thermographs are so useful that many insurance companies now require that the owners of commercial and multifamily properties perform these inspections annually as a requirement for the renewal of their policies.

If this tool is that important, perhaps you should consider it for your home or small business?

Reliant Electric offers infrared thermography using the latest  infrared cameras by FLIR, a leader in the field.   We can not only perform these diagnostics and year-to-year on your building’s electrical system, but we are also fully qualified to perform infrared thermography on your building’s ‘envelope’, showing you were air leaks and lack of insulation are costing you extra money in heating costs.

Infrared thermography can also locate leads inside walls where you cannot see them.

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